1)     A gifted teacher.  -- a Seven Hills School parent

2)     Andys mom at the Cincinnati Country Day School: You have engaged them. What do we have to do to get you back?

3)     A young student was getting Cs and Ds in school before he began taking private chess lessons.  Six months later, he was getting As and Bs, almost effortlessly, and is now completing his engineering degree.

4)     Many chess students went on to professional careers in medicine, the law and engineering.

5)     A quiet gentleman observed a few chess lessons and casual games at Sitwells Coffee House in Clifton. The experience inspired him to finish his Ph.D. dissertation, quit teaching and start his own successful consulting firm.

6)     A young student at the Seven Hills School was thought to have ADHD to the extent that he could not live up to his academic potential. After he began playing chess, he became an excellent student, and was found to have a particular affinity for botany. It is not unusual for chess to reveal hidden talents in kids, which is of great benefit to them as well as their parents.

7)     We wish that other classes could be taught the way Mo teaches chess.  --overheard at The Seven Hills School

8)     An elementary school in Northern Kentucky, teachers stopped him in the hallway and asked, What have you done to this girl? She is polite, does her work, and seems like a completely different person.  Are you coming back to teach chess again?  





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