Egyptian Collectibles


Ankh Key with Horus $35.00 Open Silver Cartouche $42.00 Silver Cartouche with Hieroglyphics $52.00
 Item E6503  Isis  Q3 $36.00 Item E5493  Isis Box  Q2 $44.00 Item E5381 Winged Isis  Q1 $88.00
Item E8260 Isis with Child  Q3 $40.00 Item E7293 Sitting Isis  Q2 $40.00 Item E7049 Anubis Seated Q2 $36.00
Item E8205 Anubis Scale of Justice Q2  $36.00 Item E8261  Anubis Q2 $36.00 Item E8268 Anubis Dog Q2 $36.00
Item E8265 Anubis Box  Q1 $36.00 Item E8390 Anubis with spear Q2 $36.00 Item E8566  Maat on Pedestal Q2 $36.00
Item E8341 Winged Maat Q4 $17.99 Item E7530 Maat Box Q0 Item E6397 Hathor Q2 $36.00