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An inspiring portrait of Jesus walking on the waves comes to life in this magnificent collectible egg crafted in the time-honored tradition begun by Peter Carl Fabergé, legendary jeweler to the czars. Act now to own this powerful collector's showpiece, crafted by hand in Tesori® porcelain, a sculptor's blend of powdered porcelain and resins that is renowned for its ability to hold even the smallest detail. Jesus is portrayed walking on the water as He approaches the boat carrying His disciples. Every detail is meticulously painted by hand and presented in a miniature Fabergé-style egg. Atop the egg, a finial, fashioned in the shape of a boat, glitters brilliantly with accents of 24 karat gold. This is a limited edition item, no longer being made. Each has a unique number on the bottom. Dimensions: 4-3/8" X 2-1/8"Weight 6-5/8oz. or 189gr.Goldtone stand included.

Shipping weight 1.25 pounds.