Precious Moments and Little Moments Collectibles

Hula Girl Box
Q1  $55.00
World's Greatest Student
Q3 $36.00
You're No. 1
Q2  $36.00
May Your Birthday be Warm
Q1 $ 36.00
Blessed are the Days of our Youth
Q1 $45.00
Angels on Earth
Q1 $37.99
Q1  $39.99
You are Always There for Me
Q1 $75.00
Wedding March (musical)
Q1  $85.00
He Makes All Things
Q1 $60.00
Meowie Christmas
Q1 $45.00
That's What Friends are For
Q1 $75.00
White Rose of Spirit
Q1 $28.00
Yellow Rose of Friendship
Q1 $28.00
Make a Joyful Noise
Q1 $65.00
Love Beareth All Things
Q1 $28.00
Baby's First Christmas 2009
Q0  $42.00 Out of Stock
August Mermaid
Q0 $31.00 Out of Stock
Child Ornament  Q1 $42.00 Out of Stock