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This piece is a replica of one of the bas relief sculptures that appear at the ancient city of Persepolis. The "Faravahar," the winged disc with a man's upper body, is commonly used as a symbol of the Zoroastrian faith.

The Faravahar was sculpted as part of the city at the specification of King Darius, since it was not only a testament to the strength of his empire, but it was also intended as a spiritual centre. The King claimed that "Ahuramazda was of such a mind, together with all the other gods, that this fortress (should) be built. And (so) I built it."

This piece is an exact replica of the bas relief seen at Persepolis today - even where the structure is beginning to show signs of age and erosion.

Dimensions: 10 cm (4) tall; wingspan 10 cm (4). Shipping weight 1.50 pounds.