Persian Gulf Fashion

The Persian Gulf region (yes, it is called the Persian Gulf, not the Arabian Gulf - we don't care what Google says) is unlike anywhere else in Iran.  Like many border regions, the population is ethnically, culturally and racially mixed.  There is a great deal of African influence in the Gulf region's music and clothing style, perhaps because Africans were brought to the Gulf as part of the slave trade in the 17th century.  Today, a careful listener can still hear African rhythms in "Bandari" music, referring to the port city of Bandar Abbas.  The traditional dances of the region are also evocative of tribal dances in Mali. 

These eye masks are also known as Maqna'a or boregheh.  Their origin is unknown, but Bandari women prefer colorful, intricately embroidered outfits over the drab black chadors commonly seen in the North, even though the law requires them to be veiled.

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