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Porcelain Egg 1611

Porcelain Egg 1612

Porcelain Eggs 1613

Q1 $24.00

Q1 $24.00

Both for $24.00



Enesco Physician Figurine
Q1 $55.00

Sadek Surgeon Figurine
Q1 $45.00

Miss Mitzie
Q1 $19.99


Nativity Figures: Jesus and Mary

Nativity Figures: Wise Men

In the Arms of an Angel Bell Jar

Q1  $34.00

Q1 $34.00

Q1  $75.00

Player Violin
Q1 $29.00  

Duck Bridge Set
Q1 $14.99

Lucky Eye Wall Charm

    Q1  $35.00
Victorian Skater Tree Ornament

Affe mit Schädel (Ape with Skull)

Christmas Gramophone
Q1 $9.99 Q1 $75.00  Q1 $39.00

Labrador Puppy

St. Pete Model Clipper Ship
Q0 $21.00
Out of Stock

Nativity Figures: Joseph and Angel
Q1 $24.00   Q0 $34.00 Out of Stock